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(Almost) IN-PERSON Community Code of Conduct


Who We Are

(Almost) IN-PERSON is a community of the world’s greatest event leaders who make events happen. Regardless if those events are in-person, virtual, or a hybrid combination of the two—we strive to connect, celebrate, and learn together. Our goal is to empower event community members to bring their event visions to life.

This community is a place to find:

Networking opportunities with event leaders across the globe. Connect with over 4K (Almost) IN-PERSON community members to get real-life inspiration from people who make events happen. For event marketers looking for their next job opportunity, reach into this resource to find industry support.

Share best practices around event strategy and event management. Grow your event marketing career by getting in the event weeds with your peers. Draw inspiration from other community members on how to produce exceptional events, surface event ROI, and build out your virtual and in-person event muscles.

This community is not a place to find:

A vendor marketplace. This community is specifically a resource for members to connect, learn, and exchange ideas. Messaging is focused on finding solutions rather than promoting tools, products, or services. 

A Bizzabo support channel. This community is specific to Bizzabo’s IN-PERSON community. Bizzabo customer support is not actively monitoring this workspace. If you have a technical question about Bizzabo’s platform, review our BizzaKnowledge portal or reach out to our customer support team at support@bizzabo.com.

Community Rules and Guidelines

We strive to make the (Almost) IN-PERSON community a vibrant and useful resource for your events and marketing career. To do this—we need your help to ensure every community member has a great experience. 

Please take a moment to read our Community Rules and Guidelines below:

  1. We Are #bettertogether. We're here to help each other get better.
  2. Do not use sales pitches or send unsolicited DMs. We're here to learn and connect. We're not here to hear product/service pitches.
  3. Don't use inflammatory language or statements. Offenders will be removed.
  4. Do introduce yourself in the #introductions channel. Say hello to the community and share your support!
  5. Do use the appropriate Slack channel or thread for the topic of discussion. This is a community dedicated to event marketing for in-person events, virtual events, and hybrid events. Please stay on topic.
  6. Do not use @here, @channel, or post the same message in multiple channels. Please respect the flow of discussion and do not self-promote or disrupt other community members.
  7. Do be respectful. We're all at different levels in our careers, have a variety of opinions, and experiences. Be kind to one another.

Feedback and Violations


How to report an incident

If you feel a community member has violated the Code of Conduct or is behaving in a way that is deemed inappropriate, please reach out directly to administrators: Bianca Galvez, Tommy Klouwers, and Alysha Parker. Admins will review the reported offense and take action when appropriate. To the extent possible, we will preserve the anonymity of the incident reporter.

If you are found in violation of the Code of Conduct, administrators reserve the right to issue warnings, delete offending posts/comments, or remove the violator from the community.