The 4 most important things you need to do when building an event email marketing campaign


Hi everyone, I’m Alon from Bizzabo and today we’ll be talking about Email marketing.

Here are the 4 things you need to know when building an event email marketing campaign; Segment your audience: everyone in your audience is comprised of people with commonalities - age, preferences, job functions and so on. There’s no one email blurb that fits all types of audience members.

You want to target the right people with the right message and the best way to do so, is to change the email based on what you know about your different audience segments.

Personalize: The average person receives 80 emails a day. That means it’s hard to grab your audience’s attention through all the chatter. By personalizing the subject line and using the person’s first name throughout the email, you’ll be able to achieve higher open and more importantly drive registrations by better engaging your contacts.

Humanize the email: Rather than sending “No reply” emails, consider sending emails from a personal email address, sign off the email with a signature, and include a headshot of the sender. These are all small tricks you can use to make email messages feel more personal.

Optimize your email: If you cannot measure you cannot improve. Make sure to check your open rates and click-through rates. It will improve your performance.

To summarize. We discussed: Segmentation, personalization, humanization and Optimization. Have a great day!


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