The one thing you need to know about event marketing personas


Hi guys, my name I’m Jamie  from Bizzabo and today we’ll be discussing marketing personas.

As some of you know, marketing personas are a powerful tool that you can use in order to properly target the right potential attendees.

For those who don’t know, marketing personas are detailed customer profiles that are designed to make it easier for event marketers to create a plan for targeting the right potential attendees. Information like demographic, job function, job title, location and psychographics are usually included in a marketing persona.


Knowing that your marketing persona spends 3 hours a day reading online business magazines can help you determine rather you should spend your marketing budget advertising there. Learning that your persona usually has young kids, will allow you to curate content that speaks to newly parents. And that’s just the beginning!


The one thing you need to understand about personas is that they should be continuously updated. It isn’t good enough to build them once and forget about them. Instead, event marketers must constantly be using data, and customer and prospect interviews to refine the marketing personas you’ve already built. That way, you’ll always be creating marketing campaigns that speak to your actual audience and attracts qualified leads.

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