Three Tools To Increase Event Productivity


Hi guys, I’m Talya from Bizzabo and today we’ll be discussing three tools that you can use to increase the productivity of your event planning team.

Event planning can be draining sometimes, that’s why the first tool that I’d like to introduce you to is all about enabling you to take a deep breath, and recharge yourself. The tool I’m talking about is called Headspace. This is an app available on iPhone and Android devices that guides users through various mindfulness and meditation techniques to help calm and focus the mind. Headspace costs $12.95 / month to access their library of exercises.

The second tool to try is called Slack. It’s an awesome instant messaging tool designed specifically for businesses. Slack is a great alternative to email because it’s flexible, fun and easy to use - ideal for teams always on the go. Plus, it offers a host of integrations, including one with Bizzabo. Event teams can extremely benefit from it as it allows you to be up to speed with the event progress at all times.

The third and final tool to use is called Tomato time. This app was inspired by the Pomodoro Technique, which claims that by working on tasks for 25 minute intervals increased productivity and creativity. As planners you must have billion tasks to fulfil at all times. Define 25 minutes slots for each task and soon you’ll see how fast you’re checking all the boxes for your event.

That wraps things up for now, give these three productivity tools a try and let us know how they work for you in the comments!

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