3 Ideas for Taking Your Event Website to The Next Level


Hi guys, I’m Rachel from Bizzabo and today I’ll be sharing with you 3 quick ideas to take your event website to the next level.

Put your brand out there - your event website valuable real estate, and that means you need to utilize it as much as possible to increase your brand recognition. The way to achieve that is by being very consistent. If branding is inconsistent, your event website visitors will notice. Even if they can’t articulate it, visitors to an event website that is not consistent will leave thinking that something was missing. Choose your website design, use the messaging that reflects your brand, and have your logo placed on every page.

Create High Quality Content To Build An Audience - Engaging content is what keeps visitors coming back to your event website again and again. Create high-quality content consistently and it will increase the reach of your event website. Furthermore, event websites that have fantastic blogs are able to engage with their attendees all year ‘round. That means, that when it comes time to promote an event, it is much easier to do quso.

Make Sure Your Event Website Design Is Responsive - With Mobile commerce being 30% of all U.S. e-commerce, you have to realize that if your event website isn’t 100% mobile responsive, you are losing visitors and ticket sales. It’s that simple.

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