Three Instagram Advertising Formats Event Marketers Must Know


Hi guys, my name is Josh and I’m from Bizzabo. Today we’ll be discussing how event organizers can use Instagram to market an event with their 3 ad types!

The first ad type is Photo ads: Instagram is used by over 400 million people each month, so most of you will have already seen a photo ad appear in your Instagram feed at some point. Use photo ads to feature a compelling photo of your event, speakers, and so on. This should lead those interested to your event website, thanks to the “Learn More” CTA that accompanies all

Instagram ads.

The second ad type is video ads: Video ads work just like Instagram photo ads, except they feature a short 3-60 second video. Video is generally better at engaging social media users, so it can be a great option for organizers who want to captivate their target audience.

The last ad type is carousel ads: this ad type allows Instagram users to scroll through up to four different photos. It’s an interesting ad type because marketers can upload four related photos (say of four keynote speakers) to visually communicate the benefits of attending an event.

To wrap up, we’ve covered how to use instagram photo, video and carousel ads to market your event - happy advertising!