The Three Types of Google PPC Ad Formats Event Marketers Should Master


Hi guys, I’m Emma from Bizzabo and today we’ll be discussing the three types of Google PPC ad formats event marketers should master in order to promote an event.

The first type of Google PPC ad to know about is the plain text ad. This ad type appears at the top and the bottom of the page for Google searches and is the original ad type created by Google all the way back in 2000. This ad type is great if you are primarily interested in creating a simple, no-nonsense PPC ad campaign.

The second type of Google ad is Image ads: These are visual based ads that you see when visiting some of your favorite websites. Display ads come in all different shapes and sizes, event marketers can play around with different sizes using Google’s advertising tool called Adwords.

The third and final type of Google PPC ad is a special text based ad called, “Ad Extensions.” Google helps advertisers to create more compelling advertisements with extensions like a star rating, a phone number, or a location. This added data can often be the difference between a searcher clicking on your ad or someone else’s.

To recap, we’ve talked about the three different types of Google PPC ads, those are plain text ads, display ads, and text ads with a special feature called “Ad Extensions.” Now get out there and start marketing your event like a pro