Three Tips On Event Prioritization 



Hi there, I’m Stephen from Bizzabo. We know event planning can get very overwhelming, which makes time management and prioritization such key factors for success. So to help out, I’m here to offer 3 tips on how to better prioritize when planning your event.
Number 1 - Establish your overarching goal. I know this might sound obvious, but stating the obvious is important when there are thousands of other details to distract you. Make sure you clearly articulate your main goals why you’re even having this event in the first place so that all the other decisions down the line become much easier to deal with.

Number 2 - Create deadlines, not to-do lists. Once the planning kicks into full gear, the tasks can easily turn into a huge laundry pile of things to get done. By then, you’ll have a much harder time prioritizing your tasks. Instead, create clear deadlines for each task so you can better visualize your planning progress. This will help you feel more in control of your event.
Number 3 - Know the difference between urgent and important. Just because something feels urgent does not mean it’s necessarily important. By differentiating between the two, you’ll save yourself from feeling constantly overwhelmed and be able to stay focused on the tasks that are contributing to your main overarching goals. The clearer the line is between urgent and important, the smoother and less stressful your event planning will be.
I hope these tips were helpful and feel free to leave a comment of your favorite prioritization protip. Best of luck with your event! Go get ‘em!