Complete your company profile.

Go to Setup to add your company name, description, contact info, and so on.

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Add up to four additional onsite staff representatives.

You and four other users from your company can capture leads while onsite.

On the Setup tab, click Add User in the upper right corner of the page. Enter their name and email, and you can choose how they get an invite.

After adding their info, click Invite. They will receive an automated email with app download instructions and their personal access code. You may at any time delete representatives.

NOTE: Only the primary user has access to the backend portal, but the primary user plus the four additional users will have access to use the app to collect leads onsite.

Group 47



Edit and preview the capture form.

Go to Capture Form, then drag and drop Fields (from the right side) into your capture form on the left. 

Additionally, feel free to add personalized branding by clicking Style.

Finally, preview your app by clicking the eye icon.

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Add custom documentation.

If you would like the ability to send your leads certain documents while onsite, go to Follow Up > Documents, then click +Add Document.

Additionally, feel free to add personalized branding by clicking Style.

NOTE: The web portal is not yet optimized for mobile devices. We highly recommend each primary user brings a laptop computer onsite in order to access the portal during event days.

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Download and sign into the app.

The primary user will invite up to four staff users from the online portal. This automatically sends welcome emails to the staff users containing app download instructions and individual access codes.

Use your email address and access code to log into the app.

Group 52



Scan attendee badges.

Click on the event you're attending, then click Capture.

Click Scan Badge, then use the camera to scan the QR code on the attendee badge.

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Qualify your lead.

Answer your qualifiers and click Submit to save the lead. 

Optional - Click on the document link at the bottom of the attendee's profile, then select the documents you wish to send the attendee.

Group 53



View, edit, and export your leads.

Click Leads to see a list of the leads that have been scanned.

Export your leads by clicking the 3 dots on the top right corner, typing in any email address, and click export.

Group 54



Review and export your leads.

If you want to export your leads from within your portal, navigate to Leads to see a list of all the leads scanned by you and your representatives.

Click Export to download directly from the portal.

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View reports.

If you’ve asked any questions on your capture form, the Reports section will provide you with Event Analytics and Question Statistics.

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