The event management software buyer’s guide

Elevate outcomes and unlock success with this guide to choosing the best event management software.

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9easy steps to determine the right event management software
6key tactics to determine what your event team needs to succeed
24questions to ask event software vendors during the demo

Simplify the process of buying event software

At a time when 68.9% of organizers say their event software has a major impact on the success of their events, it’s not surprising that 67.4% also said they have changed or plan to change their event planning software vendor within the year. Finding the right event software vendor is a massive undertaking, and that’s where this comprehensive buyer’s guide comes into play. 

Choose the best software for crafting events that matter

Get the key questions to ask vendors

If you’re planning to buy or switch event software, you probably have many questions. This guide will help ensure you get critical answers during an event software demo.

Explore software must-haves and nice-to-haves

Does your event need gamification? A mobile app? Smart badges? This guide walks you through event software features, including must-haves and nice-to-haves. 

See why switching event software is worth it

Switching event software presents many challenges, but we guarantee the long-term benefits are worth it. Read this guide to learn how to overcome common hiccups.

Why you should download this event software buying guide

In Q4 2023, Capterra listed 872 event management solutions! If your jaw dropped, let this guide lift it back up and help you tackle the challenges of buying event software. 

This guide walks you through every step of the process — from setting goals and aligning them with your software needs to the key features to look for and the key questions to ask so you choose a vendor you can trust as a true partner.