The Event Organizer’s GTM Mobilization Kit

Extend the power of your event by enabling and empowering go-to-market teams to succeed.

The Event Organizer’s GTM Mobilization Kit


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Enable post-event follow-up success every time

Want to ensure your event helps convert leads to customers? In this kit, you’ll get everything you need to ensure marketing is fully aligned with sales, customer success, and other go-to-market (GTM) teams so everyone can celebrate post-event wins.

Get templates, checklists, and more

Planning, executing, and measuring events is challenging enough without having to worry about how to engage sales teams for post-event follow-up. Luckily, this kit has everything you need. Here is what you’ll find in this kit: 

  • Pre- and post-event GTM email templates

  • GTM enablement checklist

  • Internal GTM communication templates

  • A post-event plan template

  • And more!