Event Planning Hierarchy of Needs


Hi everyone, I’m Cheryl and today I’ll be talking to you about the event planner’s hierarchy of needs. Hopefully you’ll learn how to prioritize event planning projects based on this hierarchy.

Some might be familiar with Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, which says ranks essential qualities humans must have in order to live happy lives. Similarly, event planners have a Hierarchy of Needs that must be satisfied in order to plan a successful event.

The first set of needs are logistical. If you don’t have an event venue selected, or if you don’t have a way to register attendees, then there really is no event. Make sure to set these things up first before moving on to other projects.

The second set of needs are value-based. Here you and your staff should be thinking of ways that the event can provide value to attendees. Make sure that speakers are subject experts, that breakout sessions will be inspiring, and that attendees will have a way to form valuable connections.

The third and final set of needs are based in marketing. Prior to an event, event planners must craft an event marketing plan that will help to drive event registrations. If you’ve successfully addressed logistical and value-based needs, marketing should come easier.

That’s all for today, remember to prioritize your event planning efforts and you’ll have a better chance to reach event success!