The state of in-person B2B conferences

Get organizer and attendee insights on today's most impactful gatherings.

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The definitive report on mastering in-person B2B conferences

Our comprehensive 2023 survey uncovered fascinating — and sometimes surprising — insights into the resounding importance of in-person B2B conferences as the driving force behind organizational success and attendee satisfaction. Get details on budgets, venues, event tech, and more. Hear from organizers and attendees on what they prioritize, their challenges, and how they plan for 2024 and beyond. 

Use meaningful insights to craft B2B conferences that matter 


of organizers say they changed or plan to change their event software

From the planning stage to the run of show and execution, our templates guide you through every phase so no stone is left unturned.


of organizers say in-person events are the most impactful marketing channel

Explore key insights around the power of face-to-face interactions and the role of the C-suite in supporting event strategies and goals. 


of attendees say in-person B2B conferences are best for networking

Gain insights into the power of in-person conferences as a platform for community building, revenue generation, and organizational growth.

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This event planning production kit isn't just about templates; it's a treasure trove of resources that empower you to rise above challenges and host unforgettable events. This kit is a culmination of years of experience, insights, and best practices from industry experts. Equip yourself with our kit and transform every event into a resounding success.

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