The in-person production kit:

Free event planning templates

Get the exclusive in-person event planning templates we use to plan and execute unforgettable events.



email templates for meaningful pre-event and post-event communication


templates for preparing event speakers and managing walkthroughs


detailed event planning templates and checklists — plus a glossary

Bring every gathering to life with event planning templates

Crafted meticulously by seasoned event professionals, our templates are designed to cater to every nuance of in-person event planning. Whether you work in corporate event production, are planning a product launch, or are crafting a flagship conference, these templates ensure you're always a step ahead. With this event planning guide, you’ll create a memorable experience.

Work smarter with the best event production plan templates

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Get a comprehensive event blueprint

From the planning stage to the run of show and execution, our templates guide you through every phase so no stone is left unturned.

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Streamline event team management

Our easy-to-use templates streamline event production by clearly defining roles and ensuring everyone is aligned with your event vision.

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Be smarter about  event finances

Stay on top of your budget, anticipate expenses, and maximize ROI. Make more informed decisions that align with your event's goals.


Master event production: Why to download this kit

This event planning production kit isn't just about templates; it's a treasure trove of resources that empower you to rise above challenges and host unforgettable events. This kit is a culmination of years of experience, insights, and best practices from industry experts. Equip yourself with our kit and transform every event into a resounding success.

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