Maximize sponsor ROI with the Klik SmartBadge™

Learn to leverage everything Klik has to offer — whether or not you use the Bizzabo platform.

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increase in
exhibitor leads 


increase in networking
through contact exchanges


increase in networking
with gamification

Learn how to use smart badges to achieve 10X lead capture

Dive deep into the Klik SmartBadge — revolutionizing the event sponsorship game by making interactions more meaningful, streamlined, and data-driven. Explore customer stories — from HubSpot’s INBOUND, CMP’s Customer Contact Week, and DPW Amsterdam — to see the tangible benefits of integrating smart badge technology into your event strategy.

Future-proof your event strategy with smart badge technology

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Enhance sponsor visibility

Learn how the customization features of Klik SmartBadges can increase sponsor exposure throughout the event, ensuring that branding and sponsor messages reach every attendee effectively.

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Streamline lead generation and capture

Discover how smart badges can multiply lead generation efforts, making it easier for sponsors to collect and follow up on leads without the traditional hassles.

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Embrace and champion sustainability 

Promote sustainability by reducing paper waste, streamlining content distribution, and aligning with modern demand for eco-friendly event solutions.

Unlock epic experiences, data, and ROI

Want to amplify your event’s impact and deliver unparalleled value to sponsors and attendees alike? Gain insights into practical strategies for maximizing sponsorship ROI, leveraging real-time data collection, and enhancing attendee interaction — all through the innovative use of the Klik SmartBadge.