The Sales Kickoff Event Production Kit

Get all the templates you need to kick your SKO up a notch — from planning and internal communication to the post-event survey



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Build a Better Sales Kickoff in 2023

Want to create a more impactful and engaging sales kickoff event but don't know where to start? We've gathered the templates we used for our SKO to help you knock your kickoff out of the park. Based on these templates, we executed an event with the following success metrics:

  • 95% of attendees were satisfied with the event experience

  • 90% said they understood our goals for the coming year

  • 74% said they were confident in hitting their targets thanks to attending the event

Get Fully Loaded Templates and More

In this kit, you’ll get everything you need to expertly plan, execute, and measure your next sales kickoff, including the following:

  • Templates for setting up your internal and keynote speakers for success

  • Communication templates for getting everyone excited about the SKO

  • Post-event survey questions to ensure you’re achieving event success