The Most Common Hybrid Event Pain Points

For Organizers, Speakers, and Attendees

Learn what hybrid event participants found most challenging in 2021 and where organizers, speakers, and attendees plan to focus their attention in 2022 in order to achieve hybrid event success.

Hybrid has come a long way. But that doesn’t mean hybrid events were without their challenges over the last couple of years. While hybrid event organizers, speakers, and attendees have been dealt some pretty big hurdles in the face of so much change, event industry professionals have learned, adapted, and strategized. By recognizing some of the speedbumps hybrid event planning may throw your way, you can better prepare for them — and set yourself up for success.

What you’ll find in the guide:

A brief overview of what makes an event hybrid

Hybrid event pain points for organizers, speakers, and attendees, with original research from dozens of in-depth interviews and surveys

Where hybrid event participants plan to focus their hybrid event efforts in 2022