The One Question You Need To Ask Your Attendees



Hi everyone, I’m Stephanie from Bizzabo and today I’ll be talking to you about one proven method you can use to measure the satisfaction of attendees after an event.

If you’re like most event planners, attendee satisfaction is one of the most critical KPIs to you and to your team. But organizers have had difficulty quantifying satisfaction in a reliable way.

Instead, the only question you need to ask attendees is “On a scale from 1-10 how likely are you to recommend this event to friends or colleagues” Ten being extremely likely. This survey is called an NPS survey, NPS stands for “Net Promoter Score” the higher the score the better attendee satisfaction.

Enterprise Rental car implemented this type of survey and as a result they have consistently better customer loyalty and happiness compared to competitors.

Similarly, the NPS Survey can make it easier for you and your team to understand how attendees enjoyed your event, and since it’s quantifiable it allows for careful analysis between the different events you host.

To set up an NPS survey you can use Bizzabo’s survey function or a similar tool to start understanding your attendees better. Hope this helps!