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(Almost) IN-PERSON took place on May 5th, 2020. This may have been a virtual event but the energy created by it was felt around the globe! The event concluded with over 6,000 registrants—with participants from 70 countries and 1,536 companies tuning in live. Our sessions surfaced new insights, sparked creative ideas, and gave attendees a true sense of community.


Our attendees loved (Almost) IN-PERSON. You'll love it too.

Emily (1)



"Worth checking out Bizzabo's virtual event, (Almost) IN-PERSON. Even for one session, even if you aren't in the industry, this is truly as close to an in-person experience as you can get from your home office."

- Emily Olson, CMP, Executive Producer, Arrow Event Management


Andrea (1)



"Loving Bizzabo's Almost In-Person event today. The insights into what the future of the events industry is shaping up to look like is super inspiring."

- Andrea Howes, Assistant Program Manager, O’Reilly Media


Alex (1)



"Thank you so much Bizzabo! I am in the UK and this started at 6pm so I planned to just stay for an hour, but the content and slack interaction was so good, I watched the whole thing! So useful!"

- Alex McKenzie, Events and Conference Manager at Homeless Link


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